You are worth it, with essential oils from dõTERRA !

I have changed my lifestyle by using essential oils.
I am feeling better about myself.
My life has become calmer and I have become more aware of myself.

My menopause was really a problem to get through and when I tell you that I started menopause before I turned 45, then you can probably understand that there have been years where my family wanted me far away.

It's only a couple of years ago that i really started to get interested in essential oils in a different way than putting them in a diffuser and getting lovely scents out in the room.

Since then I have learned to use them in many different ways. And have also learned how much they can help us in our everyday lives.

That we use them as fragrance oils, perfumes, spirituals, in our creams, etc. Essential oils never leave us indifferent.

Now what?

Together we will find out whether you want to be a retail customer, a wholesale customer  or a

Wellness Advocate (builder). 

As a retail customer, you will just go to dõTERRA's website and buy the oils for the retail price. As a wholesale customer, you buy products for your own consumption. but with discounts compared to retail prices. There is no requirement for monthly purchases.
As a Wellness Advocate (builder), you can either build yourself or let others build under you, so you get your products paid for. You can also go for a supplemental income, which means you earn extra from what others buy.

Whatever you decide, I can help you with it all.
Most people choose to start with a starter kit. That's by far the best deal. However, it is also possible in every way to choose some of the many products a la carte or to start with a single oil.

You are the one who decides.